The inspiration to hold a festival sharing knowledge and culture from wisdom traditions that honour Mother Nature came from the words of Mutitjulu elder Uncle Bobby Randall. In the film, Kanyini, he laments the lost opportunity for learning about each other and from each other that could have taken place when Europeans first encountered the First Nations of Australia.

Bulwalwanga Ran is an attempt to redress this gaping hole in our national history and to celebrate our common humanity, in the hope that we can together create wiser, more aware and tolerant society.

Noel Butler


Local Elder and Traditional Custodian of the Budawangnpeople of the Yuin Nation.

Trish Roberts


Partner of Noel. Together they provide a shared learning and understanding the blending of two different Cultures as one.

Shaun Matthews


General Practitioner, Ayurveda and Yoga therapist from Sydney.

Sean Barker


Sydney based actor, voice artist, writer, theatre maker and teacher.

Phillip Butler


Proud Budawang man following in the footsteps of his Uncle Noel to share his inherited values of his Country.